Conservationist and Biologist Forrest is Earth's Champion!

At the young age of 14, Galante was the youngest person in history to head a multi-national canoe safari down the Zambezi River. This is just one of the many examples of his early expeditions. Galante is truly passionate about education and helping people save our most valuable resource-our planet. His expertise with wildlife paired with his scientific background are assets to biological groups world-wide as he typically partners with local groups exploring remote regions. As a conservation expert, Galante strives to leave a positive, biological impact in every place he visits, whether searching for whale sharks in Australia or Komodo dragons in Indonesia.

In December 2013, Galante spent 21 days in the Panamanian jungle as a participant on Discovery Channel's show 'Naked and Afraid.' He was considered the leader of the group by the cast, and not only survived, but thrived. This was the public's first encounter to the explorer Forrest Galante. He now hosts Animal Planet's hit show 'Extinct or Alive,' where he uses his unique skill-set scouring for evidence that animals once deemed extinct may still be out there. Galante considers this the most meaningful television work he has ever been a part of, as it combines education with conservation and nature with adventure. It's his undeniable dedication to the wild aspects of the world we live in that draws us to this adventourous individual.

Forrest Galante